Simenta Ltd. is a company created and led by Ilko Ilchev, engineer and architecture (with specialization in wine), Iskren Kanchev architecture and Boyka Atanassova head-production. The company was founded in 1991. Until 1996 the main production was focused on cereals, however after 1996 the company's strategy has changed and entirely redirected to the production of vegetative planting material.

Within this period of time we have accomplished to establish a team with large experience regarding every stage of vine production and seeding materials. Our professionalism and tradition bases ensure the high quality of the seeding material produced by us.


The company maintains contacts and exchange experiences with the scientific achievements of the Agricultural University of Plovdiv, Institute of Vine and Wine Pleven, Professor Marin Petkov from Sofia University of Forestry.

The company produces from the Bulgarian selection of large-fruited seed and seedless table grape vines from professor Babrikov. The grapes include sorts such as: Aphrodite, Daydream, Elitsa, reinforced, Troy and others. 

After several visits to France in 1999 the company absorbed and eventually began the deployment of modern technology in growing seedlings of high raised bed with polyethylene film and drip system.

Our company works with many Bulgarian producers of agricultural machinery, bars and poles, fertilizers and chemicals supplies and seed sellers. We strive to improve the quality of Bulgarian products and develop new technologies in agriculture.

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Agricultural University Plovdiv

University of Forestry Sofia

Institue of Viticulture and Enology

Prof Dimitar Babrikov


SD "Simenta - Ilchev and Co" started production of vegetative propagation material in Novi Pazar city in 1996. It has created a uterine database of  100 hectare  cuttings (SO4, 41BChasselas, R110, Ferkal) and uterine 90 hectare vine cuttings Cabernet Sauvignon 169, 346 Merlot, Pinot Noir, Pinot Chardonnay 96, Alegote, Gevyurts Traminer, Muscat Ottone and others. The company ranks among the first in Bulgaria in the production of vegetative planting material. Vines are grown in a high raised bed with polyethylene film and drip system.


Simenta produces over 50 wine and dessert varieties of vines. The provider offers consulting services before and after the planting, monitoring the development of young crops and ensures 100% the entire process.

Bulgarian Simenta offers a selection of large-fruited seed and seedless dessert varieties produced in Novi Pazar city. The Soil and climate in Novi Pazar city is suitable for production of rooted vines and grapes for the production of fine and white dry wines. We can graft a variety of vine rootstocks SO4, 41B and Chasselas Ferkal upon request.

Traditionally, the company produces approximattely one million cultivated vines, 60% of these are dedicated to wine production and 40% dessert grapes. The company intends to increase the production up to 2 million vines. Preservation of the vines is carried out in a cold chamber at a temperature from 1 to 3 ° C and 80% humidity.


The wine crops growing material is accompanied by a certificate for quality according to a general standard of the Executive Agency for Variety Testing, Approbation and Seed Control and it has obtained a phyto-sanitary passport issued by the National Plant Protection Service.

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  • White wine varieties

    • Traminer
    • Muscat Ottonel
    • Rkatsiteli/Riesling
    • Sauvignon gris
    • Sauvignon blanc
    • Pinot gris
    • Pinot chardonnay
    • Varna muscat
    • Dimiat
    • Ugni blanc
    • Kaylashki muscat
    • Channay blanc
    • Vratsa muscat
    • Red muscat
    • Muscat Alexandria
  • Red wine varieties

    • Rubin
    • Pinot noir
    • Pamid
    • Merlot
    • Gamza
    • Cabernet sauvignon
    • Syrah
    • Cabernet franc
    • Storgozia
    • Mavrud
  • White dessert varieties

    • Nadezhda
    • Brestovitsa
    • Sultanina
    • Afrodita
    • Victoria
    • Naslada
    • Bolgar
    • Italie
  • Red dessert varieties

    • Muscat Ruse
    • Troya
    • Cardinal
    • Velika
    • Palieri
    • Atiki
    • Flame Seedless
    • Muscat Hambourg
    • Siana
    • Red Globe
    • Black
    • Alfonse Lavalle
    • Moldova


Novi pazar, Industrial park

GPS Location: 43.340, 27.182